Monday, November 15, 2010


The idea I have for the music video has been approved by "Los Pilotos" now its full speed ahead.  My DP (director of photography) and I visited the main location we plan to shoot at, looked at the logistics and are on the same page. The most important thing is that me and him are on the same page and that when it comes to shooting day we both know exactly what I want, which means what angle, how wide or tight the shot has to be, and how to light it properly being prepared allows us to be quick and efficient. when we were meeting he asked me for "Look alike videos" which means he wanted me to find videos with similar texture and color to what I want in my video so he as a DP can start visualizing and preparing for the shoot. I delivered those to him so the next step is to get a shot list done so him and I can again look into the logistics on each shot. This is gonna be a complicated shoot because we have 3 locations and only 2 days to do them in the 27th and the 1st of december but with the right preparation, the amazing crew I have secured for my shooting dates, the great talent of the girl in the video, and of course the great talent of the band it should be an amazing experience. Its all about doing your homework and being ready for anything that might come your way.

if you wanna come check out the band, the play every thursday night at 9pm at El Callejon Bar located at 1860 The Alameda San Jose CA 95112 above the "el Palenque restaurant". there is no cover at the door.

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