Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now that the idea is a go, as I work on the shot list a new....lets say obstacle comes up. In order to get the shots I want, no the shots I need I have to find a way to get ahold of some very good equipment. I need a 10 foot jib arm and dolly with tracks. This equipment will give the video its $100,000 look. And of course the camera. Right now the plan is to shoot with the Canon 5D which is an amazing camera, however because of resent developments and shoots I have been on and contacts I have created there is a possibility of shooting the video with the RED camera which is one of if not the premiere digital camera in the world. Now knowing what you need is the easy part, acquiring the money to  get this equipment is a whole show in its self. My team and I have to try and find sponsors and investors for the video. This is the list of things we have to consider that require some kind of money out into them. Location fees, jib rental, dolly rental, hiring of a professional gaffer (the person who lights the shoot) hiring of the RED operator and rental of the RED, rental fog machine and last but not least food for all the cast and crew. So needless to say its quite the list that we have to take care of.  This is the next step that needs to be taken in order to even begin to shoot the video.

Donations are welcomed :)

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